Wonderfully useful, readable and interesting works that struck me along my graduate journey:

  1. Teach With Your Strengths: How Great Teachers Inspire Their Students by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller
  2. How the Brain Learns by David A. Sousa
  3. Understanding Creativity: The Interplay of Biological, Psychological, and Social Factors by John Dacey and Kathleen Lennon
  4. Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe
  5. Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge
  6. Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised                                                           
  7. The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development by Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Holton III and Richard A. Swanson
  8. Employee Training and Development by Raymond Noe
  9. Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching All Adults by Raymond J. Wlodkowski               

Classroom and Workplace applications:

Projects I created that are based on related content and are reflective rules and tools found in this website:

Simple Rules for workplace training and development

Lesson Plan using Backwards Design

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