About Keisha!

Writer. Educator. Foodie. Globetrotter.

I am about as diverse in person, intellect and spirit as they come! A Chicago native, I have lived in every geographic region of this country. My professional work has primarily been in the areas of higher education and food/beverage/hospitality. I will continue to write and work in higher education while working toward one day owning a small restaurant with my chef-husband, Pete, as we watch our daughter Tabitha grow.

I have earned an M.Ed. in Leadership from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  Also, I hold a B.A. in Communication from DePaul University in Chicago, a discipline in which I have had the pleasure of teaching and practicing everyday.  Other areas of interest in higher education include art education and instructional technology.

In addition to teaching, writing and surrounding myself with great people, great food and culture, I pride myself on being an empathetic and compassionate human being.  I think that is why communication, education and food are so dear to me.  They are all extensions of the same thing.


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