Simple Rules. Simple Tools.

Not everyone was meant to instruct online courses.  Yet, many of those traditional instructors could.  They find themselves at a loss for what to do, why to make different choices than teaching a more traditional collegiate crowd and why that all matters in the grand scheme of things.  After spending  an academic term as a Teaching Assistant for an outstanding online instructor at Granite State College, I took my experience and combined it with my existing knowledge of adult learning theory (andragogy), leadership and writing to create a site that harbors what I believe to be BEST PRACTICES in adult online education.

I define FOUR SIMPLE RULES for excellence in adult online education:

  1. Craft a course that is well-designed, fun, enlightening and has ambitious and attainable learning goals.
  2. Create a learning environment that is open and respectful by stressing the values of each individual and the experience s/he brings to the class.
  3. Converse and encourage conversation as a method of teaching to facilitate learning and maintain your valuable environment.
  4. Conclude the course having had at least one experience that allows for autonomy and demonstrates how their experience relates to what/how they’ve learned.

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